Pc Lap Counter work with Arduino board:

Since version 5.26 Pc Lap Counter can send/receive commands from a COM port (protocol description available here), so for example it's possible to use a Arduino board with Pc Lap Counter (and this with or without your existing hardware like Phidget or Parallel port).


To use Arduino board with Pc Lap Counter you need to program sketch base on the Pc Lap Counter protocol description , 'sketch' = 'program' in Arduino terminology, sketch examples available here.

To activate the feature send/receive messages from COM port just tick the following option in Pc Lap Counter :


When this option is activated Pc Lap Counter will send commands for starting lights and other lights, power control,etc...and can also receive messages for S/F line, Pit Stop, track call and external buttons, RFID card,etc...(more information in the Pc Lap Counter protocol description)

The Setup of RFID card to change driver with Arduino is exactly the same as for Phidget RIFD except for drivers stations, more information on drivers station for Arduino will be available soon.

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