Pc Lap Counter work with Carrera Digital Lap Counter 30342:

Since version 4.53,  Pc Lap Counter include a new interface to read data coming from the Carrera Digital Lap Counter 30342.
Decoding of data is base on the documentation of  Brumbaer
Pc Lap Counter have more features than the X-Lap software, for example Pc Lap Counter have sound, drivers rotation, team race, gap, large display, championship,detection of ghost and pacer car...and more.

The Lap Counter 30342 system only send the car crossing  informations,  the system not send any information on throttle level, Pit IN and Pit OUT and so actually you can’t use the fuel management of  Pc Lap Counter on a Carrera Digital track with the Lap counter 30342, same for Stop & Go management... BUT since version 5.03 you can use a Phidget RFID reader to detect pit stop and so there is a possbility to use the analogic fuel management and the Stop & Go feature of  Pc Lap Counter on Carrera Digital track with the Lap Counter 30342.

To connect your Carrera Digital Lap Counter 30342 to the PC you need the Electronic lap counter (Ref 30342) and the PC-UNIT (ref 30349).
The PC-UNIT can be replaced by the cable of  Rich G, you can buy the cable by sending him a email at  richg@girling.net , you can also buy the cable at Professor Motor or Slot Car-Union.


Lap counter Ref 30342



PC-UNIT Ref 30349



Rich G. Cable


How to configure Pc lap counter to work with Carrera Digital Lap counter 30342:

  • Go in the options screen (click on the ‘options’ bouton).
  • In the general options choose detector type ‘ Carrera Digital (lap counter 30342) ’ and click OK, the Carrera Digital interface of Pc Lap Counter  will start automatically and will detect the COM port to use.
  • After you only need to set drivers on lane 1 to 7 when you set a race  (Lane 1 = Car id 1, Lane 2 = Car id 2...Lane 7 = Ghost car, Lane 8 = Pacer car).



Put ghost car on LANE 7