Pc Lap Counter: Lap timing software for slot racing and other


Version 5.46c  (25/12/2021)

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  • Pc Lap Counter is a race management software (RMS) for slot racing or other (RC or Karting)
  • Manages up to 32 lanes with a precision of 0.001 sec.
  • Display totaly skeletal (Font, size, width, height, x and y position...).
  • Displays number of laps, time, best time, average, gap with first and previous driver, speed, driver position in a segment, total time on track, reaction time and more...
  • Special display forseen for drivers and spectators of the race on monitors for consultation.
  • Historic of laps of a driver available for consultation during a race (also exportable and importable).
  • Race in number of laps or limited in time with possibility of segments and inter segment.
  • Minimum and maximum time for a lap skeletal.
  • Driver rotation,team and series completely skeletal.
  • Fuel management and pit stop.
  • Stop & Go Management
  • Race data saved into access database.
  • Statistics by driver, car,  track and lanes.
  • Championship mode skeletal (points, number of GP...).
  • skeletal sound for departure and arrival
  • Drivers managing with associable sound for up 9 events (record time, faster, slower...and more).
  • Team managing with driver change in a team.
  • Track managing with minimum, maximum lap time and track length.
  • Save and load  (configuration, display setting, race type, laps...)
  • Possibility to resume a race after an electric cut.
  • Work in network mode : detection and display separated.
  • Work with many timing systems : Scalextric RMS (C8143),Scalextric Digital (powerbase C7030 and C7042),  SCX digital, Ninco Digital, Carrera Digital 132,  DS lap counters From DS Racing (DS-030, DS-0045, DS-300 and DS-200), all detector running on parallel port (VRS, lap timer 2000..), Phidget interface, the K8000 kit from velleman, webcam, AMB20,AMB400,AMB9200 and AMBrc3 decoders, Trackmate interface, Racecontrol, I-Lap timing systems, Davic, Robitronic lap counter, TAG Heuer decoders, Slot.it Universal Live Timing Box, Slot.it oXigen, Arduino.
    Manual entry with keyboard also available.
  • Power control for each lane.
  • False start detection.
  • Starting lights ( on monitor and also external lights controled by relay)
  • Track call  using phidget interface kit or parallel port..
  • Program available in Frenh, English,Nederlands, German, Spanish, Brazilian ,Danish, Italian, Norwegian, Swedish,Czech  (manual in French and English).
  • More detail...


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