About the Pc Lap Counter license:

Last update of the License terms and conditions on 4 October 2014

  1. When you buy a license of Pc Lap Counter you receive a activation key from Pc Lap Counter to transform your demo version into full version and this for only  one (1) computer.
    If you want to use Pc Lap Counter on another computer you  have to use the license transfer procedure (see below).
  2. Before you reinstall/upgrade your race computer or change any hardware  (hard disk, BIOS update, CPU, Video Card, etc...)  you have to use the license transfer procedure (see below) otherwise your Pc Lap Counter will return in DEMO version and you will need a new activation key.
  3. A new activation key cost 15€ (cost of administrative costs). To get a new activation key send a e-mail to infopclapcounter@gmail.com with your order reference (or your CD code) and the new Pc Lap Counter serial number, after some check you will receive a e-mail with the payment information,  after the payment you will receive a new activation key by e-mail.
    New activation key request without new serial number and order reference (or CD code) will be automatically rejected.
  4. Updates and new versions of Pc Lap Counter  are free and not require new activation key, to update your Pc Lap Counter just download and install the latest version over your existing Pc Lap Counter (only the program will be updated,  your data and settings will not be affected).
  5. Only Pc Lap Counter and official resellers can sell Pc Lap Counter licenses , reselling your license is not permit and illegal.
    Licenses purchased through unofficial sellers are also considered as illegal.


The ‘source’ computer is the computer where Pc Lap Counter is installed and registred , the ‘destination’ computer is the computer where Pc Lap Counter is installed but not registered (Pc Lap Counter demo version).

A) On the DESTINATION computer:

  • Install Pc Lap Counter.
  • Start Pc Lap Counter and note the serial number displayed in the register form.

B) On the SOURCE computer:

  • Start Pc Lap Counter.
  • In the about window click on the ‘Transfert license’ button (Only available when Pc Lap Counter is registered).
  • Enter the Pc Lap Counter serial number of the DESTINATION computer (noted in point A) and click on the ‘Continue >>’ boutton.
  • Note or save the displayed activation key.

C) On the  DESTINATION computer:

  • In the register form, load or enter manualy the activation key noted in point B and click on the ‘Register’ button.

D) END : Pc Lap Counter on the destination computer is now registered and the Pc Lap Counter on the source computer is now in demo mode (to reactivate the Pc Lap Counter of the source computer, re do the procedure...the source computer becoming the destination computer).