Use parallel port for pit stops:

Warning: Pc Lap Counter only support parallel port on windows XP, Pc Lap Counter only support onboard parallel port,it not support PCI parallel port, USB converter, etc...
Since version 4.41 Pc Lap Counter can use the parallel port to detect pit stops, to do that you need to specify the input pin that your pit stops sensor’s will activate..
Pc Lap Counter will initiate pit stops only when the car stop over the detector during 2 seconds, so you can use also your lap counting sensor’s for pit stops detection.

Setup Pc Lap Counter for  parallel port “pit stop”:

  • In the option screen , the option “Add a lap after a pit stop” must be ON (even you use lap counting sensor’s also for pit stop detection or you use seperate pit stop sensor’s)
  • In the options screen specify that you will use the parallel port also for Pitstop detection and click on the “setup” button like here:
  • After clicking on the “setup” button, the LPT interface of Pc Lap Counter start , specify the input pin that will be used by your sensor’s:
  • In the tab page “Pitstop” specify that car must stay on sensor during 2 seconds to initiate a pit stop, like this:
  • Now just minimize the LPT interface and accept the options screen by clicking the button “OK”