Pc Lap Counter work with USB Phidget interface kit:

Warning: Pc Lap Counter only support Phidget interface kit working with the phidget libraries Phidget21 (Phidget libraries Phidget22 is not supported by Pc Lap Counter).Before buying a Phidget interface contact your reseller to be sure that your interface is working with  librairies Phidget21...

Here a video showing the use of a Phidget interface 0/16/16 for lights and external buttons to start/pause/resume the race, start yellow flag ,etc...
In this video of my Slot.it oXigen track the Phidget interface 0/16/16 have been placed into the blue box (car box from Scalextric).



Since version 4.36 Pc Lap Counter work with USB Phidget interface kit 0/16/16 , 8/8/8 , 0/0/4 and 0/0/8.
More information about Phidget interface kit on section links below, looking more on internet you can see that  Phidget hardware are sell in many countries (USA, Europe,....) and offer many accessories compatible with Phidget interface kit like light sensor, push button....

  • Phidget interface kit 0/16/16:
  • 16 Digital input
  • 16 Digital output

Schema to connect detector

  • Phidget interface kit 8/8/8:
  • 8 Digital input
  • 8 Digital output
  • 8 Analog input
  • Phidget interface kit 0/0/4:
  • 4 digital output, 4 relay on board
  • Phidget interface kit 0/0/8:
  • 8 digital output, 8 relay on board

You can use all of these Phidget interface kit with Pc Lap Counter (maximum 4 Phidget interface kit can be connected), the Phidget 0/16/16 and 8/8/8 can be used  for car detection, pitstop detection, lane power, starting lights and track call.
The Phidget 0/0/4 and 0/0/8 can be used only for lane power and/or starting lights.

How it work in Pc Lap Counter:
Just plug the interface kit on a free USB port (no need to add drivers) and go in the options screen and specify for what functionality you want to use the Phidget interface kit, as you can see you can use it eather for car detection but also for pitstop detection , track call , lane power and starting lights:

For each functionnality where a Phidget interface is used click on the setup button , the phidget card configuration screen is displayed and let you specify the different  IO  to use for car detection,lane power, starting lights, pitstop detection and track call.
The  IO list proposed by Pc Lap Counter depend on the Phidget interface(s) connected on your computer.

Phidget hardware links:

REM: Phidget interface kit not working on Windows 98

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