Pc Lap Counter work with Phidget RFID to detect Pit Stop:

Phidget_RFID_25 phidget_tags_25

Since version 5.03 you can connect the Phidget RFID 1023 reader on a USB port to detect Pit Stop, the idea is to put a little tag on each car, each tag have a unique ID:
when the car stay under the reader during 2 seconds then Pc Lap Counter recognize the tag ID  and generate a pit stop for the corresponding car/driver, when the car leave the reader then Pc Lap Counter will generate a Pit Out.
By placing a second reader Pc Lap Counter can detect Pit In and Pit Out, when using two reader the car not have to stay under the reader during 2 seconds (but need to run slowly), when the car reach the first reader Pc lap Counter will generate a Pit In and when the car reach the second reader then PCLC will generate a Pit Out.
Phidget RFID reader can read tags at a distance of 7cm (it depend of the side of the tag) with a speed of 125Kz which is enough to detect pit stop because the car is supposed to run very slowly in the pit lane.
REM: don’t try to use Phidget RFID to detect laps...Phidget RFID is not fast enough to detect car crossing the S/F line !!!
Here is a little video showing the use of a Phidget RFID reader on my old Carrera Digital test track, as you know old Carrera Digital ref 30342 don't send any pit information to the computer but now with Phidget RFID reader it’s possible and therefore you can use fuel management and also the Stop & Go feature of Pc Lap Counter.



How to configure Pc Lap Counter to work with Phidget RFID to detect Pit stop:

  • In the options screen specify that you will use a Phidget interface to detect pitstop and click on the setup button.
  • Select the “Pitstop detection” tabpage, in the column “PIT IN” specify “Phidget RFID” on car#1 (no need to specify IO on other car#), if you have second reader specify also “Phidget RFID” in the column “PIT OUT”.
  • If you have only one Phidget reader tick the options “Generate Pit IN when cars stay on.....”

How to set a race with a RFID system:

  • Each tag must be know  in Pc Lap Counter, in Pc Lap Counter the tag is linked to the car and so it’s important to update the cars database and specify for each car the Tag ID:

readtransponderidthis button open the tag reader window.

  • When you set a race the more important is to select the good car for each driver / team because the car will make the link between the Tag ID and the driver

Tips : during the race you can change the tag  ID of each cars/drivers: in the main screen of Pc Lap Counter just click on the “Update...” button and update the Tag/transponder ID  (doubleclick on it will open the Tag  ID reader window)


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