Pc Lap Counter work with the Pit-Pro:


Since version 5.02 Pc Lap Counter is working with the Pit-Pro which is a modified Pit Lane Game (C7041) to detect pit IN/OUT and allow RMS like Pc Lap Counter to control all the lights of the PLG (of course Pit-Pro work only on a Scalextric Digital track with Powerbase C7030 or C7042).
The Pit-Pro is a product developed by the PB-Pro team (it's not a product of Scalextric) , to buy it just send a email to the Pit-Pro team.
Warning :
the "simple"  Pit-Pro allow you to detect pit IN but not pit OUT  ! , to detect pit OUT  you need the "deluxe" Pit-pro which include a modified single lane half straight (C7016) connected to the PLG, Pc Lap Counter is working ONLY with the "Deluxe" Pit-Pro.

What Pc Lap Counter can do with the Pit-pro :

  • Detect pit IN / OUT.
  • Give a Stop & Go penalty when driver run to fast in the pit lane area.
  • Lights up the PLG lights like this:
    • Big green lights up when the track is opened and flash during a trackcall.
    • Big red lights up when the track is closed, slow flash during race pause and fast flash during countdown.
    • For each driver Pc Lap Counter lights up 3 lights like this:
      • The left one is for fuel, middle one is for the Pit Stop and the right one is for the stop & go penalty.
      • Fuel light will medium flash when the tank reach 20% and will fast flash when the tank reach the low fuel valuet (see fuel management options).
      • During refuel the low fuel AND the pit stop light will medium flash , if the car move during the refueling these 2 lights will not more flashing and the refuel is pausing, when the tank is full only the pit stop light will fast flash.
      • Stop & Go light will fast flash when the driver get a Stop & Go penalty

Here some videos showing the use of the Pit-Pro with Pc Lap Counter:





How to configure Pc Lap Counter for Pit-Pro:

  • First you need to setup Pc Lap Counter to work with Scalextric Digital.
  • In the SSD interface of Pc Lap Counter tick the Pit-Pro option and specify the good COM port (Pit-Pro include a USB/Serial adapter cable)
  • You can specify the speed limit in the Pit lane  by setting the max throttle value allowed in the pit lane area.

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