Stop & Go management:


Since version 4.44 Pc Lap Counter manage Stop & Go penalty, you can apply a Stop & Go penalty to a driver by using the “Update” button or the hot key CTRL + Car/lane N.  Pc Lap Counter will apply automatically a Stop & Go penalty to a driver who make a false start.
Pc Lap Counter will also apply a Stop & Go when a driver run to fast into the pit lane (only available with Scalextric Digital with a second and third powerbase).
The driver will have 3 laps (skeletal) to make his Stop & Go penalty, to make a Stop & Go the driver will have to go to the pit entry and wait 10 seconds (skeletal) before he can restart, if the driver start before then the Stop & Go will be considered as not complete and so the driver will have to return to the PIT to make his Stop & Go correctly.
During Stop & Go penalty Pc Lap Counter will not refueling the car, also if a driver don’t make his Stop & Go penalty within 3 laps (skeletal) the driver will be disqualified !!
Pc Lap Counter will announce the Stop & Go status to the driver by playing different sound and also with some visual aspect, like::


Driver receive a Stop & Go penalty


Driver is in the Pit lane and received a Stop & Go penalty

stopandgoLap3 stopandgolap2 stopandgoLap1 stopandgo0

Show to the driver the remaining laps to make his stop & go


Stop & Go penalty in progress


Stop & Go penalty ended , driver can restart


Stop & Go Failed !


Driver is in the pit lane for stop & go penalty (manual refuel mode)

If your system did not send a PIT IN event and a driver receive a  Stop & Go penalty then Pc Lap Counter will directly cut the power of the lane (this require a power control system) during 10 seconds and will reject all laps during that periode.

Stop & Go via the “Update” button:


Stop & Go Options:


if your system did not send a PIT IN event ....uncheck the option “My system send PIT IN event”.

 Start / Stop the stop&go penalty with Scalextric Digital C7042 or oXigen:

By default the stop&go penalty automatically start when the car stop into the pit lane , since version 5.41 you can manually start the stop&go penalty by pressing the LC button or BRAKE button of your controller (LC button for Scalextric Digital C7042 and BRAKE button for oXigen).
With Scalextric Digital C7042, when the car stop in the pit lane, push the LC button of your controller to start the stop&go penalty  and release it to stop it.
With O2, you have to push the BRAKE button of your controller to start the stop&go penalty , to stop it release the BRAKE button.
To activate the manual start of stop&go penalty you have to untick the option “Automatically start refuel when the car stop on the pit lane” like here:


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