Pc Lap Counter work with Viperbox:


Since version 4.43 Pc Lap Counter is compatible with ViperBox which is a system for Scalextric Sport Digital track  to control in real-time the performance of each car’s base on fuel and tyres management.
Viperbox also include pacer mode, track call, kids mode.... more information at ViperBox website (http://www.viperbox.co.za/).

What Pc Lap Counter do with ViperBox:

  • LCD display
    Display driver initials, lap number, last lap time, remaining laps, last lap time, fuel level
  • Pit led
    Flashing when car enter in pit, ON when car refueling is complete
  • Fuel led
     Flashing when fuel tank is low and ON when car is out of fuel
  • Track Call
    When a driver press his “track call” button, his 3 leds will be ON and other driver leds will flashing (on all stations).
    driver who push his track call button will be stopped and all other driver cars  speed factor will be set to a specify value.
  • Starting lights
    3 leds will be respectively ON on all stations
  • Pacer Mode
    Selecting a driver with “pacer mode” ticked in a race will put the car in Pacer mode and will adjust the car speed factor to a specify value.
  • Max Speed and Throttle Curve
    Can be adjusted against driver setting
  • Speed Factor
    Speed factor is calculate against fuel tank level and can be adjusted by a certain percentage specified in the car setting.
  • Power control (Speed factor 0)
    - Starting a race without false start detection  will put all cars speed factor to 0 until start race procedure end (until all starting lights OFF).
    - Pausing a race will put all cars speed factor to 0
    - Entering in pit will put the car speed factor to 0, leaving the pit by giving some throttle will bring back his calculate speed factor.
    - A car that is out of fuel will have a specify speed factor ( or a speed factor of 0 if option “Driver race is ended...” is set to ON)

How to setup Pc Lap Counter for ViperBox:

First of all , setting a race in Pc Lap Counter must be understood and specialy setting a race with fuel management, otherwise you will not use all the Viperbox functionnality.

In the options screen of Pc Lap Counter specify that you will use a Viperbox and specify the com port to use.

  • Safety car Speed Factor:
    On the Viperbox station each player have a ‘track call’ button, if a driver push his track call button during a race then his car will be stopped and all other car speeds will be set to this value.
  • Pacer mode Speed Factor:
    Here you specify the car speed for a “Pacer” driver ( “Pacer” driver is a driver with “Pacer mode” ticked in the driver setting)
  • Fuel speed effect:
    A car with a full tank of 100L will not have the same performance than a car with a tank level of 20L, so here you specify the percentage of the fuel  effect on the car performance.
    For example if  you specify 30% , it mean that a car with a full tank of 100L will have a speed factor of 70% and car with a tank of 50L will have a speed factor of  85%.
    In the car setting you can adjust by a certain percentage the final speed factor because as you know each car may have different performance due to bad manufactory assemblage.
  • Out of fuel speed factor:
    Speed factor when the car is out of fuel and option “driver race is ended...” in general fuel option is not set
  • Calibration:
    Specify for each channel the calibration settings.

For each driver you can specify setting that will be automatically sended to the viperbox station when driver is selected in a race.

  • Max speed:
    This will limit the driver car top speed , for exemple for a kid you can set max speed to 50%.
  • Throttle Curve:
    Select the required curve number based on the throttle curve graph
  • Pacer Mode:
    When ticked this will switch the car of the driver in Pacer Mode, the car will run at the speed specified  in option “Pacer mode Speed Factor”

For each car you can adjust the final speed factor by a certain percentage.


Viperbox monitor:

Display nformations from the Viperbox in real-time, so you can see  Speed factor , Max Speed and all calibration settings in real-time.