Pc Lap Counter work with the Xlot Digital system:

Xlot is a new  Digital track system for slot race, more info here, Pc Lap Counter include a interface to read data coming from the Xlot Digital system.
Here is also a little video showing the xlot system in action, click here to see the video

To connect the Xlot system you only need a serial cable of type ‘mouse extension’ male/female (example: serial mouse extension cable HAMA 242155)

If your computer don’t have a serial port you can use a adapter ‘RS-232 Serial, 9pin - USB’ like hama 039703

How to configure Pc Lap Counter for the Xlot Digital system:

Launch Pc Lap Counter normally.
-  In the options screen choose Xlot detector
-  In the task bar of windows, select program 'Xlot interface' and choose the serial port
-  In Pc Lap Counter,  start a new race and set drivers.

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