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Pc Lap Counter (Lap timer software)
          License key send by e-mail (license terms and conditions)

50 EUR

* TAX/VAT may apply for certain countries. Exact details are provided before the order is completed

  • Buy  Pc Lap Counter (lap timer software, license key by e-mail) :

Before buying a license key try the Demo version with your material (there is no refund after buying).
The payment is made via the protected site of Share IT which is an organisation which helps the developers to sell their products on Internet, you can pay with credit card, wire transfer, PayPal, etc...

After payment reception the order process will automatically  send you your license key to unlock your Pc Lap Counter demo version into a full version  (instructions are included in the email)

To generate your license key the order process will ask your Pc Lap Counter serial number, that serial number is displayed in the registration window of Pc Lap Counter like here (of course to have that window you need to download and install Pc Lap Counter demo version) :