Pc Lap Counter work with RACECONTROL hardware

Version 4.46 of Pc Lap Counter include a new interface to read data coming from the RACECONTROL hardware.
With Pc Lap Counter your RACECONTROL system will have Fuel management and Stop & Go management and more...
Since version 4.51 it’s possible to detect pit stop by using the S/F sensor of the racecontrol system, no need to add special hardware to enjoy fuel and stop & go management, you will just need to stop your car on the S/F sensor during x second and Pc Lap Counter will generate a pi tstop event (actualy it work only with car without magnet and with sensor sensitivity set to 100).

How to configure Pc Lap Counter to work with RACECONTROL hardware:
-  Start Pc Lap Counter.
-  Go in the options screen (click on the ‘options’ bouton).
-  In the general options choose detector type ‘ Racecontrol’ and click OK, the interface will start automatically.
-  In the task bar select the ‘RaceControl  interface’ program and change the COM if necessary (default is COM1).
-  After you only need to set driver on lane 1 to 4 when you set a race.


If your computer don’t have a serial port you can use a USB/RS232 adapter , be sure the adapter use a FTDI chipset


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