Pc Lap Counter work with the Scalextric 6 car powerbase (C7030):

Since version 4.20 Pc Lap Counter include a interface to read the data coming from the 6 car powerbase of Scalextric Digital (C7030).
With Pc Lap Counter your Scalextric Digital  will have more functionality  like sound, car rotation, team, gap, lap history, large display, fuel management, Stop & Go management  (Pc Lap Counter is also compatible with the PB-Pro and the Pit-Pro)
The scalextric Digital 6 car powerbase can be plugged on the serial port of the Pc via the  ‘AUX’ connection of the Scalextric Digital, a special cable is necessary for that.

You can buy assembled cable for SSD by just sending a email at Rich G: richg@girling.net


Include Fuel Management and pit stop

How to configure Pc Lap Counter for the Scalextric Digital C7030:

  • In the options windows choose the detector ‘Scalextric Digita C7030’
  • In the task bar of windows, select program 'Scalextric Digital C7030' and change the serial port if necessary
  • After you only need to set drivers on good lane when you set a race (lane 1 correspond at car 1, lane 2 correspond at car 2....).

Warning: to use a  powerbase C7030 as pitstop sensor you need to modify the powerbase C7030, more information on the modification here.


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