Pc Lap Counter work with Scalextric Sport Digital Powerbase Pro (PB-Pro):


Since version 4.47 Pc Lap Counter is compatible with the PB-Pro (version 1.8).
More information about PB-Pro

Since version 5.02 Pc Lap Counter is also compatible with the Pit-Pro

What Pc Lap Counter can do with PB-Pro:

  • Reduce the cars top speed against the fuel tank level
  • Send drivers hand controller settings , including throttle curve.
  • Specify the drivers cars top speed, for  example for  kids you can set the top speed to 75%
  • Control the track power when starting, pausing, resuming  or stopping a race.
  • Manager “Pacer driver” / Ghost cars.
  • Automaticaly enable/disable cars.
  • Manage PB-Pro track call
  • When a driver fails to make his stop & go penalty then PCLC set his car power to 50%
  • Can manage 2 PB-Pro ( usefull for 4 lanes tracks).
  • Since version 5.18 you can Start/Stop pace car mode (Yellow Flag)

How to setup Pc Lap Counter for PB-Pro:

First...to enable PB-Pro in Pc Lap Counter you need to setup Pc Lap Counter to work with Scalextric Digital

After in the options screen of Pc lap Counter specify that you will use the PB-Pro functionnalities:

  • Track call will:
    When a driver ask a “track call”,  you can specify if the cars have to stop or slow down.
    - Since version 4.48 it’s possible to give a stop & go penalty to the driver who ask the track call and also stop the refueling of all cars.
  • Set Power % against fuel level:
    When ticked Pc Lap Counter will calculate the car top speed against the fuel tank level without exceeding the maximum power % allowed for each driver (for a “pacer driver” it will be always the maximum power % allowed because there is no fuel management for that kind of driver).
    When unticked Pc Lap Counter will just set the car top speed to the maximum power allowed for each driver
     (PB-Pro 1.6 can set power to 100,88,75, or 50%).
  • Power - Fuel Range:
    Here you specify the relation between the fuel tank level and the power %.
    In this example a car who have a fuel tank level between 2 L and 50 L will have full power (100%) , between 51 L and 70 L the car will have 88% of power.
  • PB-Pro monitor:
    Will display PB-Pro data in realtime so you can see the power %, throttle Min/Max values, etc..during the race
  • Pace car / yellow flag max speed:
    See pace car explanation

- For each driver you can specify his hand controller settings and also the maximum power allowed, driver settings will be send to the PB-Pro each time the driver take part of a race:

  • Max power %:
    This will limit the driver car top speed, for example for kids you can set it to 75%
  • pbpro_update This button will send the new driver settings to the PB-Pro so for example you can you easily see the effect of the pacer speed on a car during a race (even you don’t click on this button PCLC will update the PB-Pro when you will accept the screen).

You can update the drivers settings and also the general options during a race, Pc Lap Counter will take care of the new values and will send them to the PB-Pro

- PB-Pro monitor:


PB-Pro monitor display in realtime the data that will be send to the PB-Pro, so you can see the power %, throttle Min/Max values, etc..during the race

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